The Easiest Way to Dominate the Competition
In Your Market Is Out-test Them.

Are you looking for an easy-to-use split-testing solution?

Want to avoid losing 50% of your critical data with free solutions
like Google Website Optimizer?

Would you like to save money on ridiculous monthly fees for so-called
"premium solutions" with mediocre features?

Dear Internet Marketer,

You already know you need to split-test -- now you
just need to find the best software solution to do it.

You want something robust and accurate, yet easy
to use... And it should be affordable too.

Until now, you were either stuck with Google's website optimizer,
which loses about 50% of your data with its weak cookie system
(Call me crazy, but thats completely unnacceptable)...

...or you could go with an overpriced service charging you
outrageous monthly fees, and running into the thousands of dollars over time.

Frankly, neither sounds like a great option, which is why we created the Ultimate Profit Maximizer.

It's a High-Powered Solution That You Buy Once,
Own Forever, and You Can Run it on All Your Websites.

Now, I don't want to get into a whole song and dance about it... But I'm
very excited about this software because my team and I spent
the last 4 years developing, perfecting and using this
testing platform in our own businesses.

I also want to mention that we started using the software, every single one
of our products, in every niche, increased in visitor value, sometimes

It's all because we had an easy system that that we could
consistently use to optimize our pages.

Now it's your turn to use the same technology.

This Unique Split Testing Software Comes with
a Ton of Powerful Features:

1. AB Split Testing

This is the basic type of testing that everyone's used to. It's very simple -- yet effective.
Test headlines, prices, or whatever you want. You can do an A/B/C test with 3 variations -
in fact you could even do a 12-way test if you wanted to.

2. Multivariable Split Testing

Some also call this "multivariate". Don’t get scared by the big fancy words.

It just means you can test a bunch of different things at the same time, and let the software intelligently mix and match.

One thing you should know is that the best place to use this kind of test is usually a on lead-generation (opt-in) page because you need a lot of data to make it worthwhile.

That said, there are tons of great multivariable setups that are included, and they will let you test over a dozen factors at the same time. There's also an accelerated matrix that gives you faster test results using just 4 variables.

You’re gonna love it.

3. Personalized Deadlines

Have you ever seen a page that says, "you’ve got 5 days to buy" and then when you come back 2 days later, it still says the same thing?

Here's the solution: Wtih personalized deadlines, you can show your prospects you've got integrity while giving them real deadlines that they'll believe and respect.

4. Real Item Countdowns

Again, keep your numbers real - - If you’re only going to sell 200 copies of something, why not use a real countdown so when people come back, they actually see the number go down.

You can dynamically change your ad copy to display different versions of your page when there's only a certain number of copies left. You can also make your deadlines based on a specific date and time and cycle through different displays at different times. Perfect for product launches!

I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of creative ways to use this set of features to boost your bottom line.

5. Price Path Testing

It's not enough just to have these powerful "deadline" features -- you want to be able to TEST them and measure with scientific accuracy the effect on your bottom line.

Does increasing the price, adding or taking away bonuses work? The only way to find the best sequence is to TEST.

In one of our niches, we found that using a price escalation strategy that was synchronized with our email marketing actually DOUBLED our profits. We were able to execute and test that using the Ultimate Profit Maximizer. Now that's powerful.

6. Multipage Sequencing

In direct mail, the smart marketers will take a letter that's working, "tweak the headline", resend it again, and the response stays strong.

If they don't change it, readership drops. The logic is obvious: Your marketing becomes more effective when your prospects "see something new", and the same principle works online.

Imagine someone visits your site and reads your sales letter. Then, they come back later and you show them a *video* instead of the letter. Or vice- versa...

The point is, you can optimize their experience every single time they come to your site... And you can actually test this approach against having the same salesletter all the time. Amazing, right?

7. Test Planning Section

The Extreme Optimizer has an integrated “test planning” module that not only keeps you super-organized (which saves you tons of time and stress), but also gives you iron-grip control of your work flow, creative ideas, and your testing team.

You can even set it up so the software will email you when your webmaster has set up a new test. Then, you can make them “go live” with 1 click, or automatically send them back for changes.

This is an industrial strength system that's really easy to use. You can "drag and drop" your pending tests to prioritize them.

8. Testing Archives

You need some well-organized archived records of all your tests. Why? Because at some point, you'll want to go back and review what worked and what didn't. In a year from now -- those “keynote archives” will be worth a FORTUNE to your business.

9. Tracks IPs and Cookies

Why is this important? Because "Cookie Monster" is going crazy on the internet right now.

Most people are using anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-virus technology that’s literally eating and deleting cookies all the time. So, that’s why you should probably avoid something like Google Website Optimizer.

It’s completely unreliable. You could easily lose half your data, and the problem is only getting worse.

It's a deal-breaker because DATA=MONEY.

10. Track Multiple Actions

So, if you’re testing an opt-in page test, should you track sales as well?

Absolutely. If you’re boosting your opt-in rate but killing your sales, you’ve got to find that out. And you should track all your order page hits as well, that way you can know how many people are making it all the way to the order page. The Ultimate Profit Maximizer makes it easy.

11. Track Multiple Elements

Want to test an idea or offer on a salesletter and simultaneously have a corresponding piece of copy or price on your orderpage?

Or maybe you need to split up your page into pieces. You need the powerful flexibility of using multiple elements. It’s an advanced feature that will come in very handy, I promise.

12. The Evolve Feature

Yes, we’ve got a really cool button that says "Evolve". You'll feel awesome when you push it because it saves you precious time. You can take the winning version of a test, and instantly copy it over to create the next test.

That means you don't have to change any pages on your server. You can also set up a completely new and different test, again, without ever having to FTP or change anything on your server.

13. The Royal Rumble

Just like the famous "last man standing" wrestling competitions, you can test tons of variations and keep tosing the losers out of the ring until you have a proven winner.

The Ultimate Profit Maximizer lets you pause losing versions on both A/B and multivariate tests, which speeds up your results. It's a really nice little feature.

14. Only 1 Installation

Manage all of your domains with just one installation. There's no set limit on the number of websites that you can optimize with this software.

Let’s Compare this to Google Website Optimizer

I want to drive home just how important solid tracking is.

If you’re losing 50% of your data, to me that’s like losing 50% of your profits right out the door.

Now compare us to other split-testing solutions:

As you can see...

There’s Simply No Comparison.

There’s absolutely nothing on the market that can do what the Ultimate Profit Maximizer can do. Period.

I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Matt Gallant and my friends call me "The Mad Marketing Scientist".

I've built successful businesses and profitable online sales funnels in many niches and have sold millions of dollars of products on the Internet.

Although I'm NOT one of those dudes that made their money selling books on how to make money (don't you just love those guys?)... I AM passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.

That's why I'm here. That's why I'm offering the Ultimate Profit Maximizer.

This is a one-of-a-kind software, and can instantly and easily transform your business overnight. However, for great results you need more than software. You need to know exactly what to test, how to test, and proven testing tactics that work. That's why we're also including:

Amazing Bonus #1:
Extreme Optimization Strategy Guides

When you order your copy of the Ultimate Profit Maximizer today, you’re also going to get our complete Extreme Optimization Strategy Guides.

In the Strategy Guides you’ll learn:

The Simple Secret To Beating The Most Dangerous, Well-Financed Marketers In The World

The REAL reason why most people will never be successful at split-testing, and how to prevent this happening to YOU. Plus you’ll discover the crucial mindset you need to adopt for split-testing success and winning in business.

The 5 Steps To Outrageous Testing Results

A power set of steps you can follow that virtually GUARANTEES your web pages will improve over time.

How To Get A 12,000% Return On Your Advertising

The right and wrong way to create your marketing and sales funnels. (Do this wrong and visitors will abandon your site within seconds... Do this right and they could become lifelong customers for your business).

Push The Critical Factor Buttons Please

The 5 critical factors that demand 80% of your marketing time and attention. Fail to get this right, and you’ll probably wind up another burned out business statistic.

How To Find The 'Magic Button' To Excite Your Prospects, Build Hyper-Effective Marketing And Create Best-Selling Products

Discover the secrets of “organic marketing” and how to apply the little-known techniques of ‘Horizontal’ and ‘Vertical’ testing. (Note: It’s essential you perform these tests in the right order, and know when it’s right to switch from one to the other).

Speed is King

3 simple rules to accelerate your split-testing and maximize your conversion rates as quickly as possible. This includes my ‘Big Breakthrough Formula’ — a true ‘timesaver’.

The 7 Pillars Of Effective Split-Testing

The 7 “set in stone” rules of split-testing over the long term. Use this as a reference guide to stay ‘on track’.

Adwords Testing

The shockingly powerful, proven way to test with Google Adwords. (Do this and others will be scratching their heads wondering how you generate so many great ads).

Optin Page Testing

NEWSFLASH: There a certain key elements to every optin page. Learn which sections will have the biggest influence on your overall results, so you know what to test first. This guide spells it all out for you.

Sales Letter Testing

A complete soup-to-nuts breakdown of sales page testing, which tests to use, and what to test in each section to help boost your conversion rates.

Order Page Testing

Inside you’ll find out the most important factors to split-test on your order page, and the exact order to test them all.

Autoresponder & Email Testing

Covers our ten most effective autoresponder strategies for extracting as much profit as possible from your email lists.

Launch Split-Testing

Lays out the 3 most important things to test when running “product launches” online. (Product launches tend to happen within a very short space of time, so it’s important to concentrate on what really matters most).

Random Element Testing

How to test the other parts of your website that nobody else ever talks about.

I think you're gonna love these strategy guides.

If you’re a newbie, you’re going to go from zero to hero in record time. If you’ve been around the block for a while, then you understand the value of a small, little increase in conversions. You can go from six to seven figures in less than a month... and you can grow you business to eight figures and beyond.

Amazing Bonus #2:
The Profit Maximization Mastermind

You'll also get 3 months of full access to our "Profit Maximization Mastermind" group where you can meet with me and other successful Internet marketers, entrepreuners, and business owners.

This includes:

  • Access to our monthly Profit Labs webinar. On this interactive event, we share split testing breakthroughts and do live reviews of any pages on your website.

  • Access to our monthly "Ultimate Business Building Experience" calls. My team and I will answer your most burning questions and coach you through your toughest problems. I really enjoy getting people "unstuck" with their biggest challenges.

  • The "split test of the month". We'll share our most bleeding edge breakthroughs that have proven to be optimization payraises.

  • The "Master Learner Consultation" call of the month. Listen in on our private mastermind where we reveal the latest integrations on cutting edge breakthroughs in business and personal development.

Here's My
"Better Than Risk-Free"
100% Money-Back Guarantee

For starters, I'm offering an absolutely unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

So, if you're not thrilled with the software, or if you want your money back for any reason (or even no reason), within the first 60 days, then just send me an email, and I'll give you a prompt refund.

No BS, and No Hassles.

(Please note that your script may stop working if you choose to refund.)

But hold on, I'm going to go one step farther and take ALL the risk away from your decision to try out the Ultimate Profit Maximizer. I'm going to give you the option of paying just $1 today, and the balance after 60 days. That way, you can experience the software for yourself BEFORE you pay in full.

Again, if you're not thrilled, just send me a quick email, I'll give you your $1 back, and you won't be charged again.

So, there's truly nothing to lose.

Click Here To Get Started With
The Ultimate Profit Maximizer

Remember, the easiest way you can multiple your profits without getting a single extra visitor, is to boost your visitor value. Be smart, empower yourself with the right tools, and take a shortcut to success by leveraging our technology and information.

Dedicated to your profits,

Matt Gallant
The Mad Marketing Scientist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I’m a complete newbie, can I really do this? A. Absolutely. Anyone can use the software and strategy guides to start optimizing your websites. Q. What technology does U.P.M. run on? A. It runs on PHP using a MySQL database, which almost every website in the world supports. Feel free to contact us if you have more detailed technical questions or concerns. Q. Will you install The Extreme Optimizer software for me? A. Yes. For a limited time, we offer free installation if desired, although installation is not difficult. Q. How many websites can I track with this software? A. You can track an unlimited number of your own websites. Agencies, please contact us for licensing. Q. Is there customer support if I have problems using the software? A. Yes, our team is ready to help you succeed and I want you to contact us right away if there’s any issue with the software. Q. Will you really give me my money back if I don't love your software? A. Yes, our reputation is our most precious asset and we want you to be 100% happy no matter what.